Equine Bodyworking by Lorinda A Springston
Leonardo's Study of a horse and rider

Leonardo Da Vinci's

Study or Horse and Rider

Circa 1480


2010 Fee Schedule

Note:  Payment expected at time of service

Farm Call (may be split):
Within Hampton Roads (inquire for outside Hampton Roads)
Virginia Beach/Penninsula-$10.00

Basic Initial Conlultation/Treatment-$100.00
w/ history, assessments, treatment plan & treatment 
averages 1.5+ hours

Extensive Initial Consultation/Treatment-$125.00
w/ extensive history, analysis, treatment plan & treatment 
averages 2+ hours

Therapeutic Series

3 or 4 therapeutic sessions, scheduled 2-7 days apart, to be paid as follows:
Therapeutic Session 1-Basic-$100.00;
Therapeutic Session 2-$75.00
Therapeutic Session 3 &/or 4-$65.00

Note:  Farm Call may apply

Regular Therapy Session-$75.00
Established Clients, averages approximately 1 hour

Cold LASER Treatment-
$1.00 per minute, 5 minute increments

Show Special-$75.00
On Show grounds: Pre/Post Event Massage & Stretch

In-Hand Corrective Movement/Therapeutic Exercise Session-$25.00

Customized Sport/Discipline-Specific Conditioning/Exercise Program-$25.00

Customized Acupressure Treatment Chart-$25.00

Cold LASER Rental Units-$50.00 per week; 175.00 per month
plus refundable deposit