Equine Bodyworking by Lorinda A Springston
Leonardo's Study of a horse and rider

Leonardo Da Vinci's

Study or Horse and Rider

Circa 1480



Lorinda’s therapy caused Bo’s back to be pain free.  Bo is jumping and moving better than ever.   I can say that Lorinda did a remarkable job of helping my horse.  She has calmness and patience with horses that the horses respond well to.  She handled Bo, and me, with all my questions, extremely well.  She took the time to explain and teach to me, stretching exercises that I can perform with Bo to keep him loose and limber.  I am extremely pleased with Lorinda’s work and highly recommend her to work on your horse.  This new field of equine Myotherapy needs more committed people such as Lorinda.
Avis K. Tsuya
Fox Run Farm, Suffield C

My horse El Grande was in such pain that I had considered putting him down.  Lorinda has given El Grande and me a new life.  From the first time she worked on him when his eyes closed and his neck relaxed and lowered in obvious relief from six months of pain, until the last therapy session, El Grande’s comfort, condition and flexibility have improved daily.  No amount of money or degrees could do what she did with just her bare hands and her lifetime of love for horses.  Lorinda is an extraordinary and gifted professional and friend of all humans and horses to whom she has given new life together.
Mrs. Margie Walsh

Napa, California
"Lorinda is a wonderfully skilled Equine Myotherapist...Kitty, Al, Diamand and Mac are just a few horses whose whose pain and sufferinig were relieved by Lorinda's healing hands even after veterinarians had given up..."  Joyce Bower, CMT
"Trigger Point Myotherapy should be considered for all horses whether or not they are showing signs of stiffness and soreness...I cannot say enough positive things about Lorinda and her work.  The results she achieves are absolutely unbelievable and astounding.  I commend her for her patience, time and the pride she puts into each individual horse she works on.  I recommend Lorinda and her techniques to anyone who has a horse with stiffness or soreness problems.  If she cannot fix it she can deninitely make an improvement.  She is a priceless gem."  Janet L. Summers
"I was frankly a bit skeptical at first as to just how much muscle therapy would benefit them.  The results have been nothing short of miraculous...The very day after her fist muscle treatment she was a different horse...I cannot believe I am now considering riding this horse again, when just a few months ago I considered her retired, at best, and a candidate for euthanasia if she could not be made more comfortable...I do believe that your treatmend of her back injury cut the time necessary for her to heal in half...I also very much appreciate your sensitivity to each horse as an individual, and that you were willing to take the time necessary to get to know each one a little bit before just starting to work on them..."  Jan Marks
"Lorinda's understanding, compassionate touch has been exactly what my horse needed, and it fits so well with my own training and riding.  Thank you, Lorinda--for understanding my sensitive, moody partner and helping us to come together in balance and harmony."--Jennifer Hippensteel

"Art must always follow nature and never oppose it"

~William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle

"The aim of Art is not only to ride a well-conformed animal, but to get the very best out of those that have been less gifted by nature."

~Ludwig Hunersdorf